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Welcome to FIX DADDY, your go-to destination for all your repair and maintenance needs! From home fixes to tech solutions, we've got you covered. Our team of experts is here to ensure that your problems are solved swiftly and efficiently. Ready to experience hassle-free service? Let's start fixing!

IT Infra Managed Services

Fix Daddy offers a comprehensive set of

Fix Daddy offers a comprehensive set of IT Infra Managed Services for the entire ICT infrastructure of an Enterprise so that the end users have a superior experience and IT resources are available seamlessly. These are meant to manage the IT infrastructure, optimize the performance of Help Desk, boost productivity with proactive technical support, improve processes compliance and security, reduce costs and improve efficiency. These services are quite comprehensive and tailored to fulfil SLA and TAT commitments.

These services are configured and delivered as per the customer requirement, with a combination of Help Desk, Service Desk and Onsite engineers, using ITSM tools and automation for various processes like IT Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management, Change Management, IMAC Management, Employees onboarding/deboarding, asset management, application support, Documentation and MIS reporting.

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Cloud Services

More and more enterprises are moving their IT infrastructure, platform, and applications on the cloud. The trinity of low upfront investment, pay-as-you-grow-and simplified management overheads makes it a popular choice for CIOs across various sectors  The priority for mid to larger organizations has been to balance legacy with new infrastructure requirements. Hence deployment models like on-premise and hybrid cloud are being considered as a roadmap to a complete shift to the off-premise cloud.

Fix Daddy offers various cloud services like deployment, migration, optimization, security, and management to organizations.

These include assessment of readiness, consulting and implementation of strategy, architecture, governance, risk, and compliance; design and implementation of business continuity planning; managed services like performance optimization, service automation, and service management.

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More and more enterprises are moving the

Cyber Security Services

Data is the new economy. Regrettably, mo

Data is the new economy. Regrettably, most organizations do not know what their employees do with sensitive data. With risks from internal and external, organizations are increasingly investing in cyber-security – analysts project that the investment will more than double over the next few years.

Sectors like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, and Manufacturing are most prone to threats and attacks. 

Research pegs the focus is increasingly on protection, detection, identification, response, and recovery of data and infrastructure. 

Fix Daddy offers various cyber-security services like vulnerability assessment, protection across cloud, network, SOC, on-premise and end-point devices, security audit, fraud investigation, and other security management services to organizations.

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Industry 4.0 Solutions

The world is witnessing an increasing trend towards automation and data exchange in multiple technologies and processes. These include physical systems, the internet of things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. As it evolves, it is also fast inducting technologies like robotics, big data analytics, simulation, additive manufacturing, augmented reality.


CIOs are increasingly adopting it for critical business needs like reducing TCO, increasing productivity, on-demand scaling and analyzing predictively.  Users benefit by having enhanced service levels, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) adoption, 24/7 access and multi-channel experience.

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The world is witnessing an increasing tr

High-end Repair Services

We offer a range of highly differentiate

We offer a range of highly differentiated technical repair services for ICT products and components. Customers can choose to avail of any of the Tech Repair Services, individually or as a complete end-to-end solution, based on their requirements and objectives.

It helps enterprises to extend the life cycle of assets and lower the cost of ownership. By ensuring stringent SLA norms, that result in faster turn-around time, these services offer higher productivity with lower cost of redundant/standby assets for customers.

Supported by well-organized repair processes and efficient floor management, we ensure that customers receive the highest quality of repair services for all ICT components and devices, power conditioning equipment, and user-operated terminals like kiosk, POS, ATM, and STBs. 

Fix Daddy has a fleet of trained and certified specialists across L1/L2/L3/L4 skills and competencies.

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Project Services

Fix Daddy offers a range of end-to-end, unified project services to help manufacturers, integrators as well as end-users of ICT equipment to set up large-scale hardware and application-based solutions through the integration of multiple technology components within ICT environments.

Backed by a team of experienced engineers and project managers, Aforeserve’s Project Services include the entire physical and on-ground deployment of technology-based systems, from installation and commissioning to final testing, acceptance, and post-acceptance warranty support – allowing customers the opportunity and convenience to focus on their core business processes and deliverables.

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Fix Daddy offers a range of end-to-end,

Warehousing and Logistics

Fix Daddy had domestic and international

Fix Daddy had domestic and international alliances with suppliers for a wide range of products, including China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. We have deep experience in handling imports through a strong partner network to manage clearance and forwarding.

Fix Daddy’s warehousing facilities spread across one central warehouse, four regional warehouses and nineteen sister warehouses. It offers pan-India door step logistics support, through a partnership with premier logistics partners. 

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Desktop Support

Build and install PCs, telephone systems, wireless networks and peripheral devices (such as printers, scanners, mobile/smart phones) related to desktop infrastructure, in accordance with department standards. Provides advice and guidance to colleagues regarding incidents.

  • Office Moves

  • Boardroom Setups

  • Laptop/Desktop/Mobile troubleshooting

  • Login/access issues

  • Hardware support/ maintenance

  • Hardware/software licensing

  • Remote and Onsite assistance

  • Inventory Management

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Build and install PCs, telephone systems
Cloud servers are intended to provide th

Managed Services

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating need for, a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses.


  • Weekly and Monthly Maintenance

  • Change Management (Outage Prevention)

  • Security Monitoring

  • All the benefits of in-house IT without the full salary.

Server/Network/ Cloud Support

Cloud servers are intended to provide the same functions, support the same operating systems (OSes) and applications, and offer similar performance characteristics as traditional physical servers that run in a local data center.


  • Architecture and Maintenance

  • Vendor management

  • Inventory tracking

  • Security and Monitoring

  • Office application refresh/upgrades

  • Environment rebuilds

  • System Automation Scripting

  • Remote Support

Managed services is the practice of outs



At Fix Daddy, we're dedicated to providing top-notch CCTV services and products. As a reputable security system supplier, we offer CCTV installation, repair, and wholesale services to meet your needs. Whether you're searching for a nearby "cctv camera shop" or require professional cctv security cameras installation, we've got you covered.

Watch anytime, anywhere - 24/7

No matter when you get the urge to check in, you can keep a watchful eye over your home or business from your mobile device, day or night. We can set up remote access on your smartphone so you can view footage from your security cameras wherever you are in the world. With the tap of your finger, you can check on your home or business anytime, right from the palm of your hand.

Biometric Solutions

Explore FIX DADDY's range of biometric solutions for enhanced security. With our reliable supply and professional installation, we ensure hassle-free biometric installation tailored to your requirements. Biometrics is an automated method of recognizing or verifying a person based on a physical or behavioral characteristic. The features that are measured using biometrics include face fingerprints, palm, ear-lobe, handwriting, iris, retina, vein, and voice. Because each individual has a unique biometric print, security and verification solutions based on biometrics offer a better and more accurate means of ensuring application integrity, than passwords or access cards.


The key parameters that help identify if a human characteristic can be used for biometrics are listed below:

  • Universality – the characteristic should be common to all individuals

  • Uniqueness – how well the characteristic separates one individual from another

  • Permanence – measures how well the characteristic resists aging and other variance over time

  • Collectability – ease of capturing the characteristic for measurement

Biometrics is an automated method of rec

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an a

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients. An IVR system (IVRS) accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and provides the appropriate responses in the form of voice, fax, callback, email and other contact methods.

An IVR assists the user through a series of pre-programmed prompts. These prompts can be pre-recorded or be a combination of pre-recorded and sophisticated computerized speech and can also further direct the caller to a live customer service representative. In some cases, it may be forwarded to a voicemail box or even a message from the customer recorded and emailed to the customer service team.

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