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"Industry 4.0 Services"

We work as a one-stop solutions provider for all your IT and Communication requirements.


Automation Services


Robots will eventually interact with one another and work safely side by side with humans and learn from them. AI models build resolution algorithms using historical data and trends and build up a knowledge base continuously so that a higher proportion of tickets can be resolved in an automated manner and proactively. This leads to higher productivity – lesser downtimes, higher sweating of assets ie increased asset lifecycle. Also results in lesser manpower and hence reduced efforts in managing the team – training costs, retention costs, YoY increase in wages costs. This leads to a typical ‘left-shift scenario that every CIO aspires for.

These robots will cost less and have a greater range of capabilities than those used in manufacturing today. We are investing in skill sets to deploy and integrate robotic and automation services

System Integration


With Industry 4.0, companies, departments, functions, and capabilities will become much more cohesive, as cross-company, universal data-integration networks evolve and enable truly automated value chains. We offer design services, using ITSM based framework for horizontal and vertical system integration as well as services management, monitoring, reporting and knowledge management. 


With the increased connectivity and use of standard communications protocols that come with Industry 4.0, the need to protect critical industrial systems and manufacturing lines from cybersecurity threats increases dramatically. We offer services to ensure secure, reliable communications as well as sophisticated identity and access management of machines and users.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industry 4.0 means that more devices will be enriched with embedded computing. This will allow field devices to communicate and interact both with one another and with more centralized controllers, as necessary. It will also decentralize analytics and decision-making, enabling real-time responses. We are investing in skillsets for deploying, supporting, and managing such devices.

Cloud Services

More production-related undertakings will require increased data sharing across sites and company boundaries. The performance of cloud technologies are significantly improving, achieving a throughput of just several milliseconds. As a result, machine data and functionality are increasingly being deployed to the cloud, enabling more data-driven services for production systems. We offer a gamut of cloud computing services.

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