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Provides efficient CCTV setup/troubleshooting, expert computer, and laptop repair services. Trust us for swift, reliable solutions to your tech needs.

Online Orders

Streamline CCTV, computer, and laptop repair requests online. Seamlessly submit orders for swift, expert attention from our skilled technicians. Convenience meets efficiency.

Same-Day Delivery

Ensures rapid delivery of CCTV, computer, and laptop repairs. With swift service and expert technicians, trust us for timely solutions to your tech issues.

On-Site Support

Offers expert assistance for CCTV, computer, and laptop repair needs at your location. Trust our skilled technicians for efficient, on-the-spot solutions.


We are your eyes when you cannot see, your ears when you cannot hear, and your voice, when you cannot speak

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Best CCTV WiFi Camera Services in Jaipur

Welcome to FixDaddy, your local destination for top-quality WiFi and CCTV camera solutions. Are you searching for reliable surveillance options nearby? Look no further! At FixDaddy, we specialize in providing expert installation and setup services for CCTV cameras to ensure comprehensive security coverage for your home or business.

Find WiFi and CCTV camera solutions near you with FixDaddy. Our expert team offers professional CCTV camera installation services for comprehensive security coverage. Whether it's for your home or business, we strategically install cameras to maximize protection. With WiFi cameras, monitor your property remotely for added convenience. Trust FixDaddy for reliable surveillance solutions.

Smart Care

Hours - 8 Hours/Day

Working  - 5 Days/Week

Immediate Remote Support

Site Visit in 5 Business Hours

Smart Care Platinum

Hours - 24 Hours/Day

Working  - 7 Days/Week

Immediate Remote Support

Site Visit 4 Business Hours

Smart Care Diamond

Hours - 24 Hours / Day

Working  - 7 Days/Week

Immediate Remote Support

Site Visit – 2 Hour

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