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"IT Infra Managed Services"


Fix Daddy offers a comprehensive set of IT Infra Managed Services for the entire ICT infrastructure of an Enterprise so that the end users have a superior experience and IT resources are available seamlessly. These are meant to manage the IT infrastructure, optimize the performance of Help Desk, boost productivity with proactive technical support, improve processes compliance and security, reduce costs and improve efficiency. These services are quite comprehensive and tailored to fulfil SLA and TAT commitments.

These services are configured and delivered as per the customer requirement, with a combination of Help Desk, Service Desk and Onsite engineers, using ITSM tools and automation for various processes like IT Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management, Change Management, IMAC Management, Employees onboarding/deboarding, asset management, application support, Documentation and MIS reporting.

The services cover the whole IT landscape of an Enterprise and these include: 

  • Server and Storage Management, Backup and Recovery

  • Network Management, monitoring, troubleshooting, optimisation

  • IT Security – Implementation, monitoring & audits

  • Database, Application Management – support, updates / patches / upgrades

  • Workplace Management services for multi-product / multi-vendor environments –Asset Management, OS and Antivirus management, Office productivity and collaboration suites management

  • IT Helpdesk, Service Desk and Automation Tools

  • Configuration Management 

  • RIM / Shared Onsite / Onsite Support and monitoring, Critical and emergency call response services

  • Vendor Management – contracting, performance review


​Facility Management Services


Fix Daddy offers a range of customised Facility Management Services for the supervision, management and control of complex desktop environments, helping organizations maintain operational continuity without worrying about the technological aspects of their installed computing equipment. 

From small and home offices to large corporations, the reliability and performance of IT infrastructure is central to business productivity and profitability. With Fix Daddy’s desktop management, Network Management and server administration experts, customers get continuous management and services support covering the entire life cycle of their IT environments including deployment of hardware and software, troubleshooting, network management and user support. On-site facility management engineers ensure that every user has the right tools to work with, faces minimum down-time and that data and infrastructure is always secure – optimizing the adaptability and performance of installed equipment and freeing up in-house IT staff to focus on delivering solutions in line with their core business objectives.

Fix Daddy’s Facility Management Services operate on a specially designed framework, tailor-made and delivered in accordance with the unique services requirements of every customer. 

The services include: 

  • Operating System installation, full and patch upgrades

  • Software version control, installation and license 

  • Server and back-up management for shared drives, databases and system state 

  • Anti-virus management, control and updates 

  • CPU and disk space utilization monitoring 

  • Schedule and execution of periodic preventive maintenance

  • First level hardware support for desktops and laptops, problem diagnosis and resolution

  • Desktop Operating System support for Win 2000/XP/Vista, MS Office 

  • Mail client support

  • Peripherals support, configuration and problem resolution

  • Network management 

  • On-site change management – install, move, add, change (IMAC)

  • Hardware authorization checks, to ensure that no unauthorized PCs are connected on the network 

  • Software authorization and auditing, to ensure that non-standard software is installed after proper authorization only and unwanted software is not loaded on any system

  • Troubleshooting desktop and laptop related issues including escalation and coordination with vendor, as required

AMC & Multi-Vendor Services 


Fix Daddy’s Annual Maintenance Services outline the ongoing upkeep and routine monitoring of ICT products and systems. Designed for both small and large end-users of ICT equipment, Fix Daddy’s comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMCs are complete services bundles offering integrated support and maintenance for single device users as well as for multi-product and multi-vendor environments, allowing customers the benefit and convenience of a unified services for their multi-brand equipment, with the added advantage of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and superior services delivery. 

Fix Daddy follows a proactive approach and a systematic process of inspection, detection and correction to ensure that incipient failures are identified much before they develop into major faults and that installed equipment is always in working order. Fix Daddy’s AMC services are tailor made to service every category of ICT equipment user as well as to accommodate and fulfil stringent services-level-agreements (SLA) and turn-around-time (TAT) commitments to minimize down time, and in the long run, safeguard the customer against uncertainty and inconvenience. 

Fix Daddy offers four, flexible annual maintenance packages:

I. AMC On-site and Comprehensive, Including Parts Comprehensive coverage including on-site maintenance, repair and replacement of parts. The contract covers all labour charges and cost of replacement of parts (excluding consumables)

II. AMC Onsite Labour Only and Parts Chargeable on Actuals
Complete on-site services, repair and maintenance coverage including a full cover on labour charges. Cost of replacement of parts and components to be charged on actuals

III. AMC Return to Bench Comprehensive, Including Parts Comprehensive carry-in support with complete coverage for maintenance, repair and replacement of parts. The contract covers all labour charges and cost of replacement of parts (excluding consumables)

IV. AMC Return to Bench Labour Only and Parts Chargeable On Actuals
Carry-in support for services, repair and maintenance including a full cover on labour charges only. Cost of parts to be charged on actuals



Services Features


  • Preliminary health check services

  • Remote infrastructural support for desktops, laptops, phones and tablets through Central Response Centre (CRC)

  • Automated registration and call tracking tools

  • SMS updates on status of call resolution

  • Multiple options for day-to-day coverage, response times and call closure

  • Break-fix calls for on-site and carry-in repairs 

  • Critical and emergency call response services

  • Reverse logistics

  • Preventive and periodic maintenance support every 3 to 6 months

  • Only genuine parts / components used 

  • Coverage for the entire range of ICT equipment including desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, smartphones, printers, scanners, plotters, UPS, projectors and other peripherals

IT Infra Professional Services


These include a variety of professional services that are delivered to our customers in a flexible manner.

On-Site Installation Services 

Proper installation mitigates the risk of operational disruption that is often associated with large-scale installations and is critical to the long-term performance of an ICT device or system. 

Backed by an extensive pan India services network, Fix Daddy delivers standard hardware installation support to single as well as multiple customer locations across India for any component or device within the ICT product universe. With each installation solution pre-configured and customized to serve specific requirements of Original Equipment and Design Manufacturers (OEMs & ODMs), system integrators as well as large end-users of ICT products, Fix Daddy ensures that the entire installation process is seamless, standardized and in accordance with the defined services level agreement (SLA).  

Fix Daddy offers a range of single or multi-stage installation packages including one or more of the following services:

  • Unpacking of equipment 

  • Power testing at site 

  • Physical installation of hardware components 

  • Integration of new hardware with existing network / system 

  • Diagnostic exercise to test compatibility and functionality 

  • Documentation – installation sign-off and associated reports 

  • Submission of installation report 



Upgrade Services 


Fix Daddy is committed to keeping every customer’s ICT equipment operating at peak performance. The Company’s comprehensive Upgrade Services facilitate the latest updates in hardware, software and performance features, helping customers to smoothly transition to the latest technical specifications of a component or system within their installed infrastructure.

Fix Daddy offers upgrades for multi-brand CPUs, TFT monitors, keyboards, mouse, optical drives, system memories and hard disks among other components. The services cover labour charges as well as cost of equipment for the one time on-site replacement and upgrade of a component or system – providing customers with the convenience of an integrated and smooth switch, the assurance of original and genuine parts as well as the benefit of ‘best-value’ on investments. 


Per-Call Repair Services 

Fix Daddy’s Per-Call Repair Services are tailored to provide on-site and carry-in repair support to customers who either own assets with expired warranties or prefer not to be engaged in long term maintenance contracts for their ICT equipment. Following a ‘no strings attached’ approach, Fix Daddy makes it possible for individual as well as large end users to receive best in class repair support with the added benefit of paying on a per-call basis – only for the services they need, when they need it. 

With a fixed and affordable labour fee and additional charges on actuals for replacement of parts (if required), Fix Daddy’s Per-Call Repair Services support the entire range of multi brand ICT devices including desktops, laptops, servers and other computer peripherals such as printers, scanners, plotters and projectors, mobility devices such as tablets and smartphones as well as surge protection and power conditioning units – offering customers the convenience of high quality repair at every instance and the freedom to engage as and when required.



Health Check Services

Fix Daddy’s Health Check Services are detailed assessment and audit exercises customized to help organizations understand the performance status of their installed ICT infrastructure, enabling corrective improvements in hardware and software configurations to ensure that the system as a whole run at its optimum level of operation. 

Organizations often end up making large capital investments in new equipment before determining or realizing the compatibility and utility of their existing systems with new technologies. Very often, this also leads to the wasteful accumulation of equipment that lies unused in office spaces due to the lack of understanding about their condition and functionality. 

With convenient on-site and carry-in options, Fix Daddy’s health check engineers conduct detailed asset audits and thorough analyses of installed and idle ICT equipment based on customer purpose and objectives, to detect system vulnerabilities, identify hardware issues and software glitches and also to advise customers on the proper disposal of equipment which is categorized obsolete or beyond repair. Each health check assessment is followed by the delivery of a comprehensive report suggesting appropriate repairs, replacements and upgrades that are required to restore the equipment to optimum working condition.


One-Time Services


Fix Daddy offers one-time fee-based solutions and troubleshooting support, delivered on-site as well as remotely through the Central Response centre (CRC), to help customers resolve common computer related issues. 

A safe, secure and easy service option, One-Time Services are available 365 days of the year and are ideal for small and home office set ups as well as for complex system operations in large organizations. Customers can either choose to have an engineer resolve their issues on-site, or talk to our premium phone support team and receive expert help in resolving their computing and connectivity related issues from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Fix Daddy’s One-Time Services include:

  • Hardware and software set up

  • Site preparation, cabling and earthing

  • System network cabling, set up and testing

  • Wireless network setup and resolution of connection issues

  • Printer and peripherals connection and configuration

  • Operating System fixes, configuration and upgrade

  • Email set up

  • Software malfunction resolutions

  • Driver updates

  • Virus and malware detection and removal

  • Computer tune-up and system optimization

  • Phishing and spam removal 


Service Camps


Fix Daddy conducts Service Camps at residential, official and campus locations, providing free health check, diagnostic and advisory services for the entire range of ICT devices. Users can simply walk up to the service camp consultant with their laptops, mobiles, tablets or other ICT devices to receive information and advice on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of using their equipment, suggestions on upgrades and repairs and tips on improving performance and overall experience. 

Service Camps can be customized in accordance with specific customer requirements and may include special demonstration exercises and guidance capsules for offices and educational institutions to encourage the proper operation of ICT devices. 

Fix Daddy conducts Service Camps on request. To schedule a Service Camp at your residential, official or campus premises,

Call +91 141 2240009



E-Waste Management Services 

Fix Daddy encourages the proper and responsible disposal of e-waste at the individual as well as organizational level.

E-Waste refers to all discarded and end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) including desktops, laptops, printers and other computer peripherals, mobility devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as surge protection and power conditioning equipment. 

Fix Daddy’s E-Waste Management Services assist customers in the disposal of their discarded ICT devices, parts and components in conformity with the guidelines and directives issued by the Government of India. Fix Daddy manages and executes the entire e-waste disposal process in collaboration with certified E-Waste Management Partners, beginning with the collection of discarded equipment from the customer’s premises, to drop-off at designated disposal and processing centres, followed by a report certifying successful e-waste disposal – promoting the environmentally sound management of end-of-life electronics and helping individuals, organizations and manufacturers contribute towards a greener planet. 

To have your e-waste disposed of responsibly, call +91 141 2240009


Care Packs and Consumables


Fix Daddy is a single point re-seller and distributor of warranty extension packages and consumables for multiple brands and manufacturers of ICT equipment. 

Customers can:

  • Extend their device warranties through OEM branded extension packs and get assured extended support from the manufacturer of their device

  • Source original and genuine consumables including print heads, cartridges, batteries, adapters, keyboards and computer mouse devices from Fix Daddy at competitive prices, eliminating the need for coordinating with multiple vendors of the same product

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